Swatch And Studio Job Collaborate To Launch Artist Special Punkxjob

Swatch collaborates with Dutch-Belgian artist studio Studio Job to launch a new artist-specific watch PUNKxJOB, bringing Swatch’s easy, humorous, bold and rebellious creative language and attention to popular culture, bold and rich with Studio Job The expressive design blends perfectly to create an iconic pop-punk style Swatch. A total of 2018 numbered limited edition watches were released.

   Studio Job’s connection to Swatch dates back to the 1990s: Job Smeets became a member of the Ravage design team, which inspired the world-renowned couple Napoleon and Josephine to design the Swatch Ravage Set. Inspired by mutual friends Mika’s three watches KUKULAKUKI, KUKULAKUKU (2013) and MUMU-CUCURUCUCU (2016) designed for Swatch, Job came up with the idea of ​​designing a unique artist-specific watch with fellow Nynke Tynagel The concept emerged almost immediately.

   ‘We wanted to design an Swatch like never before. Fortunately, we found that before that, Swatch hadn’t tried rivet decoration,’ Job said. ‘We wanted to design a naughty Swatch because the brand was full of fun. Is famous for its designs, so I envisioned a Swatch worn on a tattooed arm. ‘

   Speaking of delays, then, the design of the entire watch was soon realized-PUNKxJOB used the white-painted pattern of sharks, gas masks and skulls, and embellished with gold rivets on a black background. A naughty underground rock style Swatch in horror was born, which also achieved the original intention of the artist, and the message conveyed by him was extremely clear: ‘Punk with our Swatch!’