The 2014 Brazil World Cup Referee Timing Board Is Inspired By Hublot Design

The injury and stoppage time of the World Cup is always changing. The head coach’s on-the-spot will be closely related to the trend of the battle … On the green field of the Brazil World Cup this year, these moments that determine the fate of the game will be shown Hublot redesigned the referee timing plate!
 Brands known for innovation have always been committed to transcendence. As the official FIFA partner, Hublot brings a groundbreaking new watch-type referee chronograph to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil! This also successfully explains the outstanding contribution this Swiss watchmaking brand has made to this football event!

 For the first time in FIFA history, the appearance of a referee’s time plate was changed at the suggestion of its partners. This extraordinary ‘for the first time’ not only once again proves Hublot’s pioneering position in football cooperation, but also means the friendship and trust that the two sides have accumulated over many years of cooperation. Innovating on the iconic referee timeboards in football is an ultimate technical challenge. Only brands with comprehensive technology and high reputation can take full control in this regard. After in-depth research and continuous research and development, Hublot finally presented to the world the referee timepiece that embodies the spirit of innovation-the investment of excellence is exactly the same as the highest standard for watchmaking.
The FIFA Referee Committee values ​​the referee timing plates, and its size, weight, operation and practicality require ultra-precise physical parameters. It is the rigorous research on these precise data and the extraordinary quality control and requirements made by Hublot Labs and its suppliers that make people believe in the high quality of referee time plates.
 Hublot’s newly designed aluminum and gold timepiece has weighed 7 kg (about 15 pounds). After the improvement of the technician (using a thermoformed plate), it has successfully reduced its weight to less than 4 kg (less than 9 pounds). In addition, the packaging and transportation of timing plates also require special production, and after several rounds of testing, they can finally obtain the official quality approval of FIFA and its referee committee. At the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hublot arrived in Rio de Janeiro on time with more than 30 referee time plates specially made for it.