This Watch Needs To Get Started To Feel Its Charm

Chanel J12 black and white high-tech precision ceramic watch, which has been popular for 11 years, has become the iconic basic equipment of successful women in daily life. Moreover, senior watch fans know that J12’s value retention in the second-hand market is even better than some Rolex models. At the Basel Watch Fair this year, although Chanel did not vigorously launch a movement that demonstrated its professional technical strength as in previous years, it was unexpected that it even played a ‘high-grade gray’ on the ceramic case. Pattern. It’s not enough to look at the pictures, this watch must be held in hand to truly feel its charm. My first impression is that it perfectly absorbs the advantages of both titanium and high-tech precision ceramics. In addition to being light and moist, it also has a unique gloss that combines the advantages of gems and metals.
    I can’t tell whether titanium metal ceramics have been used in aerospace, racing and other fields. Although technological advances have made human creativity almost omnipotent, the gray case made of titanium metal ceramics is definitely a groundbreaking in the field of watches miracle.
    Since then, people cannot help but believe that time suddenly changes into another color. The application of high-tech precision ceramics on watches has many advantages: 1. High Mohs hardness and abrasion resistance, which can keep the appearance of the watch in a new state for a long time; 2. Anti-allergic skin, like the jade, it can quickly match the skin temperature ; 3. Light weight, can reduce the burden on wrist movement. In addition, this watch is available in three diameters of 33 mm, 38 mm and 41 mm. There is no doubt that the 41mm lock is the men’s group.