Tuodu Rose Series Women’s Watch Tour In Beijing Opens

Tudor (Tudor), a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, toured Beijing with the TUDOR rose series women’s watch on December 8, 2012, and opened the curtain at the Oriental Plaza Building in the Wangfujing business district where Beijing watches are gathered. The Beijing exhibition tour lasted for 9 days (2012.12.8-2012.12.16), of which December 11th was the media reception day. As a professional watch media, Watch House was also invited to visit this luxurious visual enjoyment. Next, please follow me to watch the wonderful graphic reports on the day of the event.

 The tour is held on the first floor of Wangfujing Oriental Plaza. Looking at the beautiful exhibition hall and the media people who are signing in, Tudor turns the exhibition hall into a castle in a dream world. Dark blue velvet floor curtains are scattered in the charming night. Hui, the exhibition hall is decorated with the hollow Tudor rose logo.

 We looked at the beautiful Tudor exhibition hall from another angle. Under the soft light, the Tudor exhibition hall became more elegant and noble.

 Next, we entered this beautiful exhibition hall after signing in. At the entrance of the exhibition hall, there was an elegant foreign model to guide and very considerate service.

The Tudor logo on the wall at the entrance of the exhibition hall is very elegant.

 The ring-shaped porch instantly created a noble and mysterious atmosphere, making people involuntarily want to explore the magical world inside. In addition to the LCD TV screen introduction, there are also text introductions on the porch, telling the history of Tudor. Yuan Yuan, let’s enjoy the history of Tudor watches with me.

 We walked along the circular porch and first found an introduction to the evolution history of the Tudor brand trademark. Through this introduction, we can learn that Tudor has gone through 5 changes and finally adopted this shield symbol that symbolizes perseverance and reliability. Brand LOGO.

 Next to it is the ‘Memorabilia’ of Tudor watches. We can understand the spirit of innovation and change of Tudor watches since its establishment in 1926. It is this constant innovation that has promoted the rapid development of Tudor watches.

Next, let’s take a look at the lively exhibition hall, where many people come to visit.

 The top of the exhibition hall is also decorated with hollow roses, and it is rotating. Every detail is perfectly made, and we feel the sincerity from Tudor.

 There is also a text introduction about Tudor in the exhibition hall. The main introduction is the cultural essence of the Rose series watches displayed this time. Exquisite and charming are the important success elements of the Rose series watches.

Next we will look at today’s protagonist, the Tudor Rose series ladies watches.

 This is the model of the Tudor Rose series 35400. It uses an 18K red gold case with a self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide 38 hours of power reserve. The central hand uses the Tudor Rose shape to show the elegant charm of this female watch. The date display function is set at three o’clock, and the arched sapphire crystal glass appears elegant and calm. The super waterproof function with a depth of 100 meters is enough to deal with the interference from ‘water’ in daily life.

 In addition to the above models, there are 35700 series products with elegant mother-of-pearl dials. The 35100 series have been simple and elegant. Each model is equipped with a stainless steel case or 18K red gold polished outer ring. It also uses automatic Winding mechanical movement, 38-hour power reserve and 100-meter water resistance.
Summary: This 9-day Beijing tour is the last stop of the TUDOR Rose Series China tour. The exquisite decoration style perfectly shows the style of the TUDOR Rose series watches, while the TUDOR Rose series ladies watches have excellent workmanship and cost-effective. The price (16,000-30 thousand) will definitely open up a new world for the Tudor Rose series ladies watches.
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