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‘We are true friends’ recently hit high-scoring variety show ‘We are real friends’ like a stream of streamers among many ‘her variety shows’, size S, Fan Xiaoxuan, Aya also appeared in the photo A wave of recall kills reminds of the era of ‘Kangxi’, and the sisters who were like family members constantly. This group of girls is so funny, some childish lives are so funny from their mouth. But you never imagined that all four of them were born after 1975. Although they have reached the age of no confusion, even in the show, even if the girl is not a fan, the girl feels strong, OMG, they are just rubbing normal humans on the timeline! Four girls with very different personalities and styles are also a big hit in the show. Xiaoha got a summer holiday pictorial while chasing ‘We are real friends’, of course, just seeing clothes and not how to wear them I am not a small watch, I do n’t know how to wear a summer watch for three consecutive times! Closed! The first question: how to use summer watches? The four sisters’ dresses on the show inspired everyone to wear a lot of summer dresses. These four will really wear them! Will wear! It’s so wearable. In addition to the beauty of Big S, there are ancient spirits hidden in her eyes. She is calm, savvy, and opinionated. No matter whether it is a fresh and bright national style or a playful and cute little product, she loves fresh and beautiful elegance. So how can such elegant girls become a clear stream of matching watches? I think Rolex’s Day-Date 36 watch can meet all your fantasy of ‘summer’ and ‘elegance’ at the same time. First of all, its dial’s most eye-catching ‘tropical blue’ is made of turquoise dial, calm down and taste, as if you can see the natural structure of underwater plants, and the golden luster around it is reminiscent of tropical beaches. Secondly, the gold material with diamond trim and self-winding 3255 movement also firmly anchored the dream of summer holidays in the world of luxury watches. Let’s take a look at the small shirts that play treasure S, fashion queens, sexy hot moms small S irregular shirts, as well as printed clothing, most have their own characteristics. What kind of watch does a girl who likes colorful and tailored design in dress? Let the visual arts go on. Hublot brought a woman wearing sunglasses to the dial of this 39 mm stainless steel watch, equipped with a self-winding movement HUB1770, embellished with red spinel or blue topaz stone. Who is this ‘sunglasses lady’? She is the protagonist of French artist Ferrero’s painting Lipstick. The look of the cool girl on the dial, plus the blue topaz embellishment, makes you easily become a trendy girl with personality. Intellectual and considerate, what kind of gentle Aya like? She walks casually, with simple T-shirts and printed shirts. Some girls just love low-key clothing, but underneath the mediocre appearance often contains a strong and connotative heart. Interesting souls pick one hundred miles. How do these people wear watches? Audemars Piguet’s millennial watch blends sophisticated design and technical craftsmanship, making any woman fascinated and attracted at first sight. Each white opal dial is unique, while the rose gold case is dazzled with frosted gold hammering. The 18K rose gold “Poland” braided strap is elegant and nostalgic, and at the same time as comfortable as the second skin. With this watch as the backdrop, even if you wear low-key and casual in summer, how can you still be the ‘Miss Flower’ that nobody notices and invites? The Vocal of the four sisters is Fan Xiaoxuan. She can also control a variety of styles when wearing it, but in general, cool is her pronoun. Even wearing a simple shirt, she can still exude confidence, elegance and loyalty to her heart. Temperament of posture. No matter what kind of clothes they wear, these girls are usually “stylish and elegant,” which watch should they choose to match? Champagne’s “Post-Dance” watch is suitable for many modern women. The simple and round 18K gold dial is like a stage of life hanging in the air. The thin gold mesh wristband is like the delicate skin of a woman, the body is flexible, the pace is light, and the bracelet is closely connected, just like a fetter in life. And link. OMG, choose such a simple watch, but can infuse yourself with unlimited energy! Second question: What to do if you wear a watch and sweat easily? Sweating in the summer is inevitable, and the leather strap is not breathable and is easily eroded by sweat, so Xiao Ha friendship reminds you to choose a steel strap! Steel strap! Steel strap! (Three important words). The steel strap is icy, put it on, and press a walking air conditioner on your wrist. Bvlgari’s LVCEA Tubogas skeleton watch showcases complex and exquisite mechanical structures, and presents the watchmaking art of Bulgari through delicate and charming hollow windows. The new model showcases the internal structure of haute horlogerie from a professional perspective, and is designed for women who love sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical watches. The rose gold model is equipped with a Tubogas bracelet with a rose gold bezel, a convex egg-face cut pink gemstone and a diamond crown. Then, the ceramic strap is also very friendly to summer. Because a few sensitive GGMMs are allergic to steel straps, ceramic straps are their destiny. The Radar Thin Series Symphony High-Tech Ceramics Limited Edition watch uses high-tech ceramics to create a colorful visual experience. Each watch presents one of the 9 colors of the Le Corbusier color set, the wrist The watch material uses a breakthrough high-tech ceramic watchmaking process to create a one-piece case. At the same time, ICON is yours in summer! At last! Rubber straps are another option for summer straps. Summer without water is a fake summer. Tropical storms and sunny beaches. If you wear a waterproof watch, you can easily play underwater with a waterproof strap. Bucherer’s Patravi ScubaTec Lady is water resistant to 200 meters. Thanks to the unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel with diving time scale, screw-in crown, Superluminova luminous coating and sturdy rubber strap, the timepiece has the decisive characteristics of a functional diving watch, while on the other hand This watch with a 36.5mm diameter stainless steel case and an automatic winding movement ETA 2824 is also a perfect companion on the beach or in the swimming pool. The white case, bezel and dial contrast with the sea blue strap, creating Summer ocean time. Q3: What should I do if the summer holiday travel is sometimes delayed? Answer: The watch in two places solves everything! Longines’ new Concord V.H.P. GMT light-sensing watch further breaks through V.H.P. (ultra-high accuracy) technology, with a second time zone and a light-driven management system called ‘light-sensing settings’. This black technology is also your travel companion, relying on your smartphone and designated applications to transmit the collected information to the 12-point micro-hole of the dial through the light signal sent by the phone’s flash, and you can quickly set the time without dialing the crown. You can switch between home time and local time by pressing the crown just where you want to play. Chanel re-interprets the J12 on the 20th anniversary of the J12 series, continuing the essence of its legendary classic style. The subtle changes in the bezel design make the dial more spacious, and the numbers on the bezel and the characters on the time scale are also redesigned , The inner bezel is set with a 24-hour second time zone time display. The diameter of the crown has been reduced by one-third, and the top is inlaid with delicate convex round precision ceramics. The thickness of the case has increased slightly while still maintaining the smooth lines of the J12 watch. Do you have sisters like them? Without blood, but rather like sisters, this summer is the time to organize a walk-and-go trip with them, put on your fashion items, share your favorite things, and most importantly choose a piece that is best for summer Travel watches, let friendship last forever. Edit: Evelyn | Visual and Cartographic: Evelyn Pictures: Brands (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip Hop Watches and Jewelry Culture Guide for 8090 Young People initiated by watchmakers ——