Watches In The Watch Industry Will Not Let Eyebrows Interview With Cartier Carole Forestier-kasapi

Every time Ms. Carole Forestier-Kasapi is mentioned, everyone in the watch industry is extraordinarily respectful. Actually, it is not because of being a woman who can get so many impressive achievements in the industry. There is really no shortage of eyebrows, but it specifically refers to the complication of advanced and complex functions of mechanical watches that are boring and even a bit boring. This job is not easy for a woman. This is my second interview with Carole. Just like the first time, she does n’t have much words, she will only talk to you about technology and tables. If she thinks that you are talking well with you, she will take out a few pieces of her. Favorite watch and talk to you. It’s a great honor for Ms. Carole to show the Watch House two of her favorites.

   Carole is known as ‘after the tourbillon’ and ‘one of the most powerful women in the Swiss watch industry’. After joining Cartier’s movement research and development department in 1999, she has been responsible for the development and creation of advanced watchmaking movements. Under her leadership, Next, Cartier’s movement research and development capabilities have developed by leaps and bounds.

Rotonde de Cartier Dual Mystery Tourbillon Minute Repeater

1. First of all, let us introduce the double mysterious tourbillon watch of Cartier’s star product on SIHH this year, right?
Carole Forestier-Kasapi: This watch is indeed the star of this year’s Cartier, because it combines the tourbillon, the classic mysterious display of Cartier and the complex functions of three questions, and it is equipped with a mechanical movement refined by Cartier 9407 MC workshop , And received the Geneva mark, is the best affirmation of this movement.
2. When judging the pros and cons of the questionnaire, the most direct method seems to be the sound of the time signal. Do you as an expert agree with this view? What do you think are the main factors affecting the questionnaire? What’s Cartier’s biggest advantage compared to other brands’ minute repeaters?
Carole Forestier-Kasapi: When judging the questionnaire, there are usually four elements, namely intensity, tone, length and pitch. The sound is very high, the richer the tone, the more balanced the length, and the more harmonious the tone, the better the sound is. This minute repeater from Cartier has been praised for its sound. Of course, I personally think that it is also the best. The sound is very rich and the sound length is very balanced. It is also rare to add a double mysterious tourbillon. The power reserve of the watch is very demanding, and this watch also has a power reserve of three and a half days.
3. At present, the cross-sectional shape of the minute repeater of the minute repeater introduced by some brands has been changed from the traditional circle to the square. What effect does this change have on the minute repeater sound?
Carole Forestier-Kasapi: In fact, the cross section shape of Cartier’s minute repeater is a square cross section. We have done this since the beginning. The traditional three-point repeater gong has a circular cross section. When the hammer is struck, there is only one contact surface, while the contact surface of the square cross section becomes larger, and the amplitude of the vibration is correspondingly larger, so that the sound intensity becomes larger. This also improves the sound quality of the minute repeater.
4. Now whether it is a hairspring, an escapement fork, or an escapement wheel, the use of silicon has become a pioneer, but Cartier does not seem to be so keen on the use of emerging materials. Why?
Carole Forestier-Kasapi: Yes, our strategy has always been to not innovate for innovation. If we introduce new materials that really help the watch technically, then we will use it instead of announcing our use. It is our consistent attitude to use new materials.

Panthère de Cartier

5. In addition to this star product, what are the other key models of Cartier this year?
Carole Forestier-Kasapi: Another focus this year is on the Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch. This series has been discontinued for more than a decade. This year it is re-launched as a rebirth and rebirth, and also the most important ladies watch. This watch is very soft and light, similar to the style of a jewellery watch. It can be worn by women to suit any occasion, and there are many choices of materials and diamonds.

Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Hour Skeleton Watch

6. In the world of mechanical watches, you have absolutely achieved the Chinese saying ‘do not let the eyebrows be worn’, and you are also a female consumer, so if you consider the appearance and function, you will recommend them separately. What kind of watch does a female consumer buy?
Carole Forestier-Kasapi: In fact, watches are a relatively conservative and traditional industry. Most of them were mainly men’s. In the past, there are naturally more women’s watches. It is worth saying that Cartier’s century-old history has been In the design of jewelry and watches for women, including complication watches in recent years, keep the rhythm of launching new models every year. Speaking of this year’s watches, from the appearance, I would recommend the cheetah watch on my hand. It is soft and easy to wear, easy to match, and not worldly. It should be the best choice for wearing a watch on weekdays. From the function, I recommend this year’s new mysterious skeletonized watch, which combines technology and aesthetics. The Roman numerals’ time scales look like a very Cartier watch at a glance, and although the skeletonized but mysterious charm is still retained.