Zeng Shixin On The Bracelet Chronograph Movement

Among the many hand-wound chronograph movements that have appeared since 70 years, everyone is the most familiar and the best quality is the four brands of Valjoux, Venus, Minerva and Lemania. Minerva has been engraved by Montblanc in recent years and is used in the brand’s Villeret series. Lemania was once a watch brand and currently only supplies top watch manufacturers such as Patek Philippe. Glashütte’s PanoGraph is a newly developed chronograph with the most technological value and value for money in recent years
Valjoux bracelet chronograph movement
    Valjoux was founded in 1901. In the early years, there were many second- and third-tier brands, with vibration frequencies of 18,000 and 21,600. Later models were equipped with a ring balance, which became famous for its early Rolex Daytona use. Among them, Daytona has the best price and a lot of imitation watches. Most of them are modified with cheaper models that use the movement 72: first remove the brand on the movement’s bridge, and then add Rolex-related text, fisheye, and finally borrow Listing, deceiving general entry players.
    In fact, Rolex has a certain quality and production level, the polishing of the entire movement is more detailed, the biggest difference is the escapement structure. Rolex not only uses a temperature-resistant alloy screw balance wheel, but also a double-layer hairspring. The escapement wheel is chamfered and the puppet is chamfered and polished, which is not available in other brands. In addition, the fine-tuning mechanism uses unique four screws located on the inside of the balance wheel to adjust the speed, the precision is extremely high, and it has the unique style of Rolex. The current market is about 30,000 US dollars. Therefore, if you say that Valex is used by Rolex, you can only say that it is only half right. It is no accident that Daytona bracelet version has the price today.
Venus bracelet chronograph movement
    Venus movements are commonly found in Breitling flight watches from the 50s and 60s, and some high-end chronographs from the 1990s. The Venus movement has a very high level. There are two kinds of traditional double-springs and single-layer springs. They are also equipped with screws and ring balances. The Venus movement has several models. It was adopted by several brands around 2000. The most well-known is Panerai. It was launched in a limited number of editions and became a watch collection that watch fans are racing to collect. Parmigiani and Paul Picot have also launched Venus tracing watches. This antique movement, introduced in the 1940s, has been re-polished and chamfered. It is also equipped with blue steel screws and shock absorbers. good. The price of an antique watch is about 3,000 US dollars, and the price of a new model is more than 30,000 US dollars, with a price difference of more than 10 times.
The Cal.61 movement carried by PanoGraph has five orientation adjustments. Ruby K gold sleeves are included in important wheel trains, including the seconds wheel, chronograph seconds wheel and the transmission wheel between the two.
Minerva bracelet chronograph movement
    Minerva was once a brand and is now rare in the antique watch market. If it appears, it can also be treated as a rare animal. This brand founded in 1865 was bought by Richemont in 2006, and later belonged to Montblanc to become its high-end watch series. It developed quite smoothly and established a good reputation, especially by hand, with the most exquisite movements. Polished and retouched by collectors.
Lemania bracelet chronograph movement
    Lemania is also a watch brand, founded in 1884. It is common in the watch market to be completed by Lemania and Omega in 1942. The high-quality chronograph numbered 27 CHRO C12 and 2320 at that time has been equipped with screw balances and double-springs, and the vibration frequency has also remained at 18000. In addition to Lemania itself, antique watches appear most often in Omega chronographs. The first generation of Speedmaster was numbered CK2915 in 1957 and later 321. In 1968, a simplified 861 was introduced in response to market demand. It no longer uses a generally considered precision and advanced columnar wheel timing mechanism, but a push-rod design and mass production. Due to its superior performance, the Lemania 2320 chronograph movement is currently in continuous production and is only used by first-line brands.
The layout of the PanoGraph faceplate is different from ordinary chronographs. There is an arc-shaped window on the right side of the faceplate. Three hands of unequal length are used to display the thirty-minute timekeeping.
Glashütte and Lange create new look for chronograph
    The chronograph has always been a Swiss watch, but it has changed since the German watch was revived in the 1990s. In 1999, A. Lange & Sohne launched the Datograph with a 30-minute chronograph hand jumper performance; in 2000 Glashutte Original also released a PanoRetroGraph equipped with a gong, which can sound the time when the countdown ends. These two designs are unprecedented in the watch, which shows that German watchmaking technology is not inferior to Switzerland. In particular, the German chronograph movement is a newly developed model. In addition to the structure of the chronograph mechanism, the style is completely different from the Swiss watch, and it looks relatively fresh and fun.
PanoGraph’s 61-type movement is equipped with a round spring fine adjustment screw above the second hand wheel, which is used to finely adjust the gap between the second hand wheel and the transmission wheel to make the timing performance more smoothly.
    In 2002, Glashutte Original launched a PanoGraph chronograph without a countdown. The complexity of manually winding the chronograph has actually surpassed the structure design of the perpetual calendar. It belongs to the field of complex performance, but the price is very reasonable. When you press the start, stop, and reset buttons, you can see the hands The design and operation of the back and front parts are intertwined with each other. Such a design is rare in other performances. The chronograph has complicated craftsmanship, tired of Swiss watches, naturally want to see the secrets of German watchmaking. Glashutte Original is a brand I like very much. The PanoRetroGraph and PanoGraph chronographs are also made of stainless steel. The flat price will immediately get the response from players. In particular, the chronograph can really show the performance of the watchmaking process. It doesn’t care what kind of material it is. The stainless steel version is more economical. Of course, the author of this kind of high-quality watch must also have one, which must not be missed.
The hand-carved decoration of the balance bridge has always been a feature of German watches. The 61 movement of PanoGraph is hand-carved and colored, allowing players to add desire
PanoGraph: A German chronograph with great value and quality
    The layout of the PanoGraph faceplate is different from ordinary chronographs. There is an arc-shaped window on the right side of the faceplate. Three hands of unequal length are used to display the thirty minutes. The longest one indicates 0 to 10 minutes, the second one indicates 10 to 20 minutes, and the shortest one indicates 20 to 30 minutes, which is quite special. At four o’clock, there is a dual-dial coaxial large date structure that GO first saw. Its advantages are smooth operation, no difference and separation between two digits, and the hour, minute, and small second dials on the left side of the dial. In four directions, the sense of balance is full. In the control of timing, the design of a square double-press handle has the performance of fast flying back pointer.
    Some watch players believe that German high-end watches should be worn in reverse, because the exquisite and high-quality movements cannot be surpassed by most brands. Glashutte Original has three-quarters of splint, gooseneck-style fine adjustment, screw balance wheel, K gold ruby ​​bushing and German style unique workmanship fixed by two or three blue steel screws, and the structure of the chronograph is more complicated. This PanoGraph is equipped with a 61-type hand-wound movement, which stores 42 hours of energy, and is equipped with a K-gold screw balance balance; the vibration frequency is 28,800 with a higher frequency, with five orientation adjustments; in important wheel trains There are ruby ​​K gold sleeves, including the seconds wheel, the chronograph seconds wheel and the transmission wheel in between.
Glashütte published the PanoRetroGraph with a gong, which sounds a time signal at the end of the countdown, in 2000
    The PanoGraph second hand wheel is equipped with a round spring-pressed fine-tuning mechanism screw, highlighting the most advanced chronograph movement. In addition to the column-shaped wheel chronograph mechanism only in the advanced chronograph movement, a special round spring is added above the second wheel Pressed screw for fine adjustment mechanism. It is used to fine tune the gap between the second hand wheel and the transmission wheel, so that the gear meshes more smoothly when the timing function is started. The spring-loaded fine-tuning mechanism design, in addition to being beautiful, also has its practical effect, but generally only appears in top-grade chronograph movements such as PP 5070. PanoGraph also has this equipment, which represents its quality. Of course, there is also an eccentric screw between the transmission wheel and the chronograph second hand for fine adjustment, so that the operation of the chronograph is more accurate. In addition, the golden pattern is engraved under the gooseneck spinner of the balance wheel bridge. This is a pattern finished by hand-carved. Each PanoGraph is different. It is also a unique engraving treatment of a few high-end German models.
    The watch has no boundaries, many brands, and various models. There are brands, shapes, performances, and craftsmanship. The author favors watches with the beauty of craftsmanship. In addition to the high-end Lemania 2320 and the general 1874, the Swiss hand-wound universal chronograph movement is the 7760 with the automatic disk removed by the ETA7750, and the module design of the 2801 installation, and of course, self-developed brands such as Roger Dubuis. As for the chronographs of the two German high-end brands, it is a good choice, at least the fresh goods that Swiss watches cannot see. GO PanoGraph is indeed a good watch with a reasonable price. It has a newly developed model and a different dial design, which is refreshing and worthy of possession and collection.